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Abraham Simon, Morris' father-in-law,   
left his home in Brest, traveled to Hamburg, and then to Liverpool, where he set sail for America aboard the S.S. Britannic, according to its List or Manifest of Passengers, arriving at the Port of New York on
September 27, 1886 *.    

Brest is visible on the map at left on the Belarus side of the Polish border, south of Bialystok.  (Most of our family came from the area covered in this map.)

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The excerpt above shows that "Abr. Simon"  was passenger no. 305, that he was 25 years old at the time of passage, that he came from Russia, and that he gave as his occupation "Laborer." 

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Other occupations listed include "servant, farmer, seamstress, miner, woodcutter, wife, child, infant, and spinster," which was used to describe any unmarried woman age 17 and over.

The S.S. Britannic had five levels for steerage passengers and one for cabin passengers, according to entries in the column second from the right on the top of the Manifest reproduced above.  Abraham Simon was on the third level of steerage.  

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The summary at the end of the S.S. Britannic's Passenger List shows that there were 205 passengers in cabins and 753 in steerage, of whom 105 were Russians.   There were no Russians in cabins.

Steerage passengers listed no more than one piece of baggage apiece, while a Swedish merchant had six pieces, a German manufacter had five pieces, and his wife, four more.  Other occupations indicated for cabin passengers aboard this sailing include lawyer, broker, surgeon, potter, physician, dentist, clergyman, teacher, merchant, milliner, dressmaker, salesman, traveller, and maid.

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