CousinsPlus Gazette

The Gazette is an "occasional" Internet newsletter published by CousinsPlus.  Its mission is to provide news of historical interest relevant to our family and pointers to the latest changes on our family history web page.


March 2002
Sounds from performances by virtuoso flutist cousin;
Announcing web page celebrations calendar up for all of 2002.
August 2000
A Time to Remember;
New photos and features on our main page;
NASA's Hubble telescope photo URLS.
March 2000
Youngsters' Pen Pal Project takes flight;
South African Uberstein branch grows to 155 cousins.
January 2000
Trees chapter expands with links to five different tree displays;
Our Family Tree Maker page adds Usher's branch photo gallery.
December 1999
Chanukah photo feature;
Musical cousin tours with Amy Grant;
Hilarious poem about family intermarriage.

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