Aloft in chairs with the symbolic handkerchief
Cherla Uberstine Glockner's
great-granddaughter wed

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Table of Contents


1,500 cousins



Varonok branch:
Exploring Turkey

That would be us

    Youngsters' Gallery

Bar Mitzvah Day: Two down,
one to go, for the Varon family of
Rehovot, Israel

Shtetl talk:
Old postcards and
video stills of Gorodok

The evidence

he's all the ancestor we've got...
Trees chapter

Coming to America

Stories our documents tell

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Of passenger lists and
naturalization papers

Have we got yiches!

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10 family here in Mt. Zion;
7 on this 1903 Gorodok path
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Cemetery Summary

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'Page One' archive
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Our 16 Levim &
10 Kohanim

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