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Usher Uberstein of
Morris' Family Circle

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Where the Bronx met Brooklyn
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Morris and Esther Rubenstein:
New York City homes and
neighborhood from 1907

Morris's branch: photos from
his Tanta Ethel's album

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Growing sons and grapes:
farming interlude,
Ulster, NY, 1919

Rubensteins and Rogers

Links to a section for
Morris Rubenstein's four sons

Esther-Minnie's branch

Shapiros of North Adams:
Egg route deliveries & a
favorite pie for everyone

A tale of many shtetlah:
Dukla, Tarnow, and other
towns of family spouses

Yes, Hapsburg Emperor Franz Joseph
did 'come to the house'

Dora's branch
The Karbens of Brooklyn
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Before the war, a 'peaceful' life?
Carl Karben's story
The Karben Albums

The Arthur Karbens were
married for 48 years.
Chasmans of Newark
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Pilgrimages to Aunt Ethel,
Seders and Thanksgivings
with cousin Morris
Ethel's branch 

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The Varonoks of Brooklyn:
humor, talent and brains;
Marx bros. encouraged Sam
Our Bronx Rubensteins:
Louis and Sarah
Sarah and Louis dressed for son Abe's wedding to Ceil
Tailor extraordinare and
ardent union advocate
The Varons of Israel:
A life of Torah and science

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Varon sons & accelerator tower
Weizmann Institute at Rehovot
 Youngsters' Gallery
Varonok branch
Bar Mitzvah Day: Two down,Varonok branch
one to go, for the Varon family of
Rehovot, Israel
Newsstand Max
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Work at his newsstand put a
generation through college;
he was proud of having
'the best-educated help'
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