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Lazar Elia Uberstine
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Udasha's branch
The Gelmans
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Before the Nazis, the Gelmans of
Volozhin: Rashka's sister,
Leika, with her daughters.
Rafael of Toby's branch
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Her oldest son-in-law &
Horodoker Relief Assoc. organizer
Cherla's branch

The Glockners of Albany have
as many descendants as our
Uberstines and Rubensteins
Ida's branch
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The Farbermans of Brooklyn:
pioneers in home appliances
Harris' branch
The Uberstines of Ohio

A World War II love story

Mayer's branch:
  20-photo album
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Gitel, Mayer's 2nd wife, read Yiddish
newspapers aloud on the Gelmans'
porch for sister-in-law Toby

Isar (Israel) Rubenstein
barrelmaker of Trenton, NJ
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Faiva and Chipa Uberstein
of Gorodok & Capetown, SA

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Now, also in Israel, Australia,
England, and the USA